Why Fullmark

Team Fullmark is extremely sensitive to the needs of the customer. At every interaction with us, whether for product information, product selection, sales and services, you will notice our efficiency and responsiveness.

Our team has been carefully chosen to attend to your every need to ensure long trouble free genset performance.

Engine Alternator Control Panel
  • Highly fuel efficient
  • Desinged for 100%    continuous operation
  • Low noice & vibration
  • Proven Engines
  • High efficiency
  • Class H insulation
  • Long operational life
  • Digital display showing     all genset parameters
  • AMF ready
  • Continuous genset    monitoring & control
  • KW overload protection
  • Unbalanced load    protection
  • KWH metering
    Fullmark Urja Ltd.
    KM 2.5, Hadeija Road, Tokarawa,
    Kano, Nigeria.

    Tel: 080-FULLMARK (080-38556275)